Motivational Influencer & Sales Leader

Daniel Lizarazo

Motivational Influencer & Sales Leader

Motivational Influencer

Leading others by finding their true purpose to strive for certain goals rather than simply act on orders. When your actions align with your true intentions & desires, and we pair that with fire our outcome will manifest.

Sales Leader

Empowering others to take a leap of faith weather that's to invest in themselves/ business. Leading someone from a state of self power rather than from weakness and pressure to reach their next level.

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Majority of business owners are their own worst enemies, with

conscious and subconscious doubts/ fears holding them back from taking full advantage of their talents and resources.

A lot of us take actionable steps to improve our health & business but very few times do we uncover the root cause of our own roadblocks, self-imposed barriers that keep us from achieving the success we are truly capable of achieving.

Business and consumer behavior has evolved over the years, with the market largely

unresponsive to high-pressure sales tactics and old fashion "you can do this" motivation.

Which has resulted in many individuals to over look the concept of hiring a life coach in today's competitive landscape.

The days of aggressive, pressure-driven action is over.

A transformational movement ushering in a new era, that consists of approaches of empowerment to individuals, combine with brain and heart coherence

Set up for longterm success, not failure.

This is what I do. And this is what I teach.


"We hope on a call together and immediately after implementing some of the things we covered I started to see results it's kinda crazy, seeing movement & buzz!"

"Had the pleasure meet him in two masterminds where he unloaded tremendous value"

"CEO of Spike It Up Media has been dramatically instrumental in helping me change the trajectory of my business"

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